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I spend a lot of time daydreaming.  My fantasies become really elaborate and I can pop in and out of them at will.  Sometimes when I’ve been busy and haven’t had time to daydream I find myself missing the people I’ve created in my fantasies and I stop what I’m doing in order to drop in and spend time with them.  I’d rather daydream than watch TV.  I enjoy reading but often that results in my mind developing the story further so I put the book down and continue the new story in my head where I’m a central character in the action.  I don’t think it’s gotten so bad that it stops me living my life but sometimes I would rather be daydreaming than anything else.  People in my life notice me gesturing occasionally usually when I’m having a particularly heated discussion with one of my characters.  Luckily because I spend time writing short stories etc. I can get away with telling them that I’m working out a plot issue in my head rather than explaining about my secret life.


I do worry about it occasionally, whether it will get worse over time and have even searched on the internet to see if anyone else ever experiences this.  I came across the term maladaptive daydreaming there but I’m not sure my experiences are as extensive as most of the people I’ve read about there.  It did become worse after my Mum was diagnosed with Leukaemia and I quit work to take care of her.  Maybe having more time on my hands during the day and spending less time with friends etc caused me to create my elaborate second life.