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When I started this blog it was meant to be more than just about sex and submission but I guess those topics have been my focus lately.  So I thought I’d take some time out and think about the things my partner does for me that are non-sexual but have the power to bring me to my knees. 😉

1. Listen – Okay I admit this one can be annoying too when he reminds me of things I said in passing over a year ago which negate my current argument but it does make me feel warm and fuzzy to know he was really listening and considers everything that I say to be worth remembering.

2. Make me laugh – No matter how lousy I’m feeling he always finds a way to get through to me and make me feel better.

3. Make me angry – Unusual but he understands my emotions better than me sometimes and knows when I struggle to express myself that he can draw me out by pushing my buttons.

4. Take care of me – Whether it be making me feel protected when we’re out at night or running me a bubble bath when I’ve had a bad day.

5. Stand up to me – As a sexual submissive I guess it’s only natural that I like this one because in spite of how frustrated I can get sometimes it does thrill me when I see the dominant side to him in any situation.

6. Comfort me – Holding me in his arms and saying nothing.  Understanding that sometimes I need to figure it out in my own head before I can fully express it to him and being patient in spite of that making him feel frustrated.

7. Do Chores – I love the way he smells so any excuse to get him working in the garden definitely excites me.

8. Be Silly – I get to see his strong side, his emotional side, his stressed side and his fun side but I only really learned about his silly side after we had our daughter.  The way he is so patient and imaginative, making up silly games with her make me love him more every day.

9. Watch me – Okay I get that sounds strange and stalkerish but I like knowing that when we’re out in public and I’m over the other side of the room talking to friends his eyes always find me no matter what he’s doing and who he’s talking to.  He always makes me feel like I’m the most important person there as far as he’s concerned.

I can’t decide what order to put these in because it changes depending upon what I need at any one time but I’ve really enjoyed writing it out and spending the time thinking about him and our relationship.