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I consider myself fairly flexible in terms of my sex life; my major rules are:-

1. Consenting

2. Adults

Beyond that I’m prepared to try most things, I’ve done things with some partners which I haven’t with others and there isn’t anything I feel like I have to be doing in order to have a fulfilling sexual relationship but I do love being spanked.

It’s a minor thing, fairly vanilla and I’ve never met a man who was uncomfortable with it, although I have met several who haven’t been comfortable spanking me as hard and for as long as I need to get that release you can only achieve through submission, and it turns out I’m not alone.  So to all those would be spankees out there who aren’t receiving the treatment they truly desire, let me give you some advice.  Communicate.  Describe it to your partner; how does it make you feel, before, during and after?  What does it give you that other sexual acts don’t? What do you need from them?  How do you want to be spanked?  What do you like to be spanked with?

I like to lie across my partners knee with my hands pinned behind my back with one of his hands while he spanks me with the other.  He pauses briefly with me in that position, exposed, my heart beating ever so slightly faster and my stomach clenching with nerves.  Excited, wanton, eager, afraid and vulnerable.
I want to put my trust in him completely, for him to take control away from me, to decide how much I can take and for how long and to give myself to him without reservation.

Then it starts, his hand briefly cupping the curve of my arse before it comes cracking down on me, my body jumping in shock and fear of the pain but exhilarated at the same time.  I’m so aware of the strength of his body holding me in place as I wriggle against him, the pressure building as he brings his hand down upon me faster and harder.  Cries escape my lips interspersed with gasps as my body panics, afraid it can’t take anymore. I struggle harder as the tension builds but if he slides his fingers down between my thighs then he knows I want more.
With his final cuffs I cry out louder and collapse against him, lightheaded, crying, my body tingling, my thighs wet with need.  It sounds like an orgasm and in many ways it feels like an orgasm, but it’s different, more intense and less satisfying.  It creates a deep need inside of me.  I feel so vulnerable, I want him to hold me, to kiss me, to love me and to make love to me but at the same time I feel so relaxed and free.  Lighter, less burdened by the stresses of the day.  Submission allows me to let go, not just of control but of all the negativity and drama of the day that I was holding onto, unable to release through other means.  It’s strangely therapeutic.